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According to Law, in order to produce legal effects in Brazil, documents written in a foreign language must be translated by a certified public translator, also known as a “sworn translator”. 

Certified public translators are accredited by their State Commercial Registry after passing public competitive selection examinations. These translators work under public oath, which explains the origin of the expression “sworn”, and their translations are given full faith and credit throughout the Brazilian territory. 

Certified translations are hard-copy documents printed on the translator’s stationery and contain his/her stamps and signature. 

The Commercial Registry of each State sets mandatory rates for sworn translations. The State of São Paulo Commercial Registry (JUCESP) sets prices according to the kind of document translated: 

​Common documents include passports; birth, marriage and death certificates; identity cards; driver’s licenses, and other personal documents. 

Special documents include legal, technical and scientific texts, bank and financial statements, school diplomas, certificates and transcripts. 

Prices refer to translated pages of 1,000 characters without spaces. 

Documents vary in form and contents. So, the cost of a birth certificate translation, for example, depends on the style and configuration used by the Civil Registry of Vital Statistics that issued it. 

When delivered at the same time as the first certified copy of the translation, each additional copy costs 20% of that price. If requested at a later time, it will cost 50% of the translation price based on the prevailing rate at the time of the request. 

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Certified / Sworn Translations

Examples of Actual Documents Translated with number of pages and cost

Translations from Portuguese into English:

Official pages

(1,000 characters,

no spaces)​

Prices in BRL    
Sao Paulo, Brazil, Driver’s License1.47R$ 96,71

Escola Paulista de Medicina

(Federal University of Sao Paulo School of Medicine) Diploma

2.65R$ 241,84

Escola Paulista de Medicina

(Federal University of Sao Paulo School of Medicine) Master’s Degree

2.08R$ 189,82
University of Sao Paulo Accounting School Transcript5.66R$ 516,53
FMU Design School Transcript1.95R$ 177,96
Birth Certificate2.20R$ 144,74
Marriage Certificate2.70R$ 177,63
Passport (the two identification pages only) 1.22R$ 80,26

Sao Paulo Commercial Registry mandatory rates

Translation from a foreign language

into Brazilian Portuguese

(per page of 1.000 characters without spaces)

Translation from Brazilian Portuguese

into a foreign language

(per page of 1.000 characters without spaces)

Common DocumentsR$ 53,06R$ 65,79
Special DocumentsR$ 74,28R$ 91,26
Maria Celina Alonso Neves
Certified Public Translator 
Sao Paulo State Commercial Registry #1281
Translations from English into Portuguese:

Official pages 

(1,000 characters,

no spaces)​

Prices in BRL    ​
Kansas, USA, Driver’s License 1.97R$ 104,53
Business Agreement  13.06R$ 970,10
University of Central Florida School Transcript                                            11.32R$ 840,85
University of Central Florida Diploma   2.06R$ 153,02
Saint Nicholas School Transcript3.70R$ 274,84
Birth Certificate3.50R$ 185,71
Marriage Certificate4.88R$ 258,93
Passport (the two identification pages only) 1.83R$ 97,10