Maria Celina Alonso Neves
Certified Public Translator 
Sao Paulo State Commercial Registry #1281

"Our Commitment is to provide high quality translations while meeting deadlines and ensuring confidentiality and fair prices."



Not all translations need to be certified. Only official documents must be translated by a certified public translator. 

Non-certified translations may be delivered by e-mail, whereas certified translations are hard-copy documents. 

The cost of non-certified translations depends on too many variables to make a price list feasible. Just to name a few variables: source and target language, source document format, nature of the source text, e.g. technical or common language, standard delivery time frame or urgent delivery requiring work after-hours or on weekends and holidays, among others. So, each document must be carefully analyzed before a quote can be provided. 

We’ll be happy to provide you with an estimate. Please e-mail us your file for a quote. 

Thank you!